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Semi-Automatic Bottle Packing

Do away with those Saturday night pack parties!  Combi offers an ergonomic bottle case packing solution that automates forming the sixBrewery Bottle Case Packer pack carrier, RSC case and automatically seals the case that several operators have just manually filled.  Ideal for breweries, hard cider and old fashion soda pop producers that can't justify full automation at the end of their packaging line.

How does it work?  Individual bottles leave your bottle labeling or capping equipment and are fed into the pack station on a recirculating conveyor.  Operators manually place bottles into the six pack carriers that are already in the RSC case.  Once filled, the operator swipes a finger switch that advances the filled case into the automatic top and bottom case sealer.  Cases can be sealed with your choice of adhesive tape or hot melt glue.

Operators never touch a carrier or case.  The BrewPack Ergopack maintains a throughput of 100-120 bpm and is available in right hand or left hand flow.

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