Case Erectors Videos

Our case erectors can be built in a variety of sizes, and with a wide range of speeds. Check out our case erector configurations and capabilities below!

2015 2-EZ® HS Case Erector with 3 inch Tape

2-EZ HM 13 cpm

2-EZ HS 20 cpm 2015 Power Magazine

2-EZ HS Case Erector Bottom Taper 20 cpm

2-EZ HS Forms Case with Partitions

2-EZ HS HM Flap Sequence Modified Case Erector

2-EZ HS HM Servo Vacuum Extend 18 cpm

2-EZ HS HM Servo Vacuum Extend 21 cpm

2-EZ SB 15 cpm Case Erector

2-EZ SB Bulk 3 Lane Infeed Case Packer

2-EZ SB Bulk Case Packer Bags of Bolts

2-EZ SB Case Erector Bottom Taper 16 cpm

2-EZ SB Side Belt Indexer for Robotic Pick and Place

2-EZ XL Bottom Taping 10 cpm Case Erector

2-EZ XL 10 cpm Case Erector with 72 inch Case Magazine

2-EZHS 23.9 cpm with 3 inch NPH tapehead

2-EZHS Auto Lock Bottom Case

2-EZHS Erects Meal Kit Delivery Box

2EZHS HM Flap Sequence Modified Case Erector

2-EZHS Hot Melt FOL Flaps NEMA 4 Case Erector

Ambidextrous 2-EZHS Case Erector with Case Sealer

Case Erecting and Sealing Display Cases

Case Erecting Capabilities

CE-10 Bottom Taping Case Erector

HCE Case Erecting 24 Inch L Case at 24 cpm

HCE FOL Flaps with Sift Proof Seal Case Erector

HCE HM 31 cpm Case Erector

RCE Random Robotic Case Erector Bottom Taper

RCE Robotic Random Case Erector

RCE Robotic Random Case Erector

Rotary Flap Closing Narrow Case Erector

Sanitary 2-EZ SB RTE Case Erector