Case Erectors Videos

Our case erectors can be built in a variety of sizes, and with a wide range of speeds. Check out our case erector configurations and capabilities below!

2015 2-EZ® HS Case Erector with 3 inch Tape

2-EZ HM 13 cpm

2-EZ HS 20 cpm 2015 Power Magazine

2-EZ HS Case Erector Bottom Taper 20 cpm

2-EZ HS Forms Case with Partitions

2-EZ HS HM Flap Sequence Modified Case Erector

2-EZ HS HM Servo Vacuum Extend 21 cpm

2-EZ SB 15 cpm Case Erector

2-EZ SB Bulk 3 Lane Infeed Case Packer

2-EZ SB Bulk Case Packer Bags of Bolts

2-EZ SB Case Erector Bottom Taper 16 cpm

2-EZ SB Side Belt Indexer for Robotic Pick and Place

2-EZ XL Bottom Taping 10 cpm Case Erector

2-EZ XL 10 cpm Case Erector with 72 inch Case Magazine

2-EZHS 23.9 cpm with 3 inch NPH tapehead

2-EZHS Auto Lock Bottom Case

2-EZHS Erects Meal Kit Delivery Box

2EZHS HM Flap Sequence Modified Case Erector

2-EZHS Hot Melt FOL Flaps NEMA 4 Case Erector

Ambidextrous 2-EZHS Case Erector with Case Sealer

Case Erecting and Sealing Display Cases

Case Erecting Capabilities

CE-10 Bottom Taping Case Erector

HCE Case Erecting 24 Inch L Case at 24 cpm

HCE FOL Flaps with Sift Proof Seal Case Erector

RCE Robotic Random Case Erector

Rotary Flap Closing Narrow Case Erector

Sanitary 2-EZ SB RTE Case Erector