Video Archive

Combi customizes equipment for nearly every system and application. Take a look through our video archive below for a sampling of our capabilities. 

Case Packing for the Food Industry

HCE Hot Melt 35 cpm High Speed Case Erector

CE-10 Case Erector Machine

RS2000LD Random Case Sealer

Ergomatic and Stretch Wrap Packing Station Narrated

2-EZ HS Ergopack Bottles Bubble Bath Hand Packing Station

Ergopack HM Product Shelves Frozen Treats Hand Packing Station

2-EZ SB Bottom Taping Case Erector

2-EZ XL 10 cpm Case Erector

EZ Pack Case Former with Product Infeed Conveyor

Alphapack Cookies in Clamshell 6 cpm Pick and Place Packer

DP Cans Decorator Icing Drop Packer

Ergopack SSTL 3 Person Hand Packaging

Ergopack Assembly Line Conveyor 2 Person Hand Packing Station

SW-10 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Gable Top Products Pick and Place Packer

HCE 30 cpm Horizontal Case Erector

SPP System Sleeves of Lids Pick and Place Packer

2-EZ XXL Automatic Case Erector

HL Paper Cups Side Load Case Packer

Frame to Hold Bags for Filling on Hand Pack Station

2-EZ SB Ergopack Water Filters

2-EZ HS HM Ergopack SSTL NEMA 4 Washdown High Speed Hand Packing Station

Bag in Box Ergopack with Product Settling Shaker Hand Pack Station

E2500 SSTL Deli Container Hand Packing Station

2-EZ HS Ergopack Wrapped Sandwiches Hand Packing Station

Ergopack with Mesh Guarding Floating Tape Head Wide Product Conveyor Hand P

Ergopack with 90 Degree Product Infeed Conveyor Hand Packing Station

2-EZ HS Ergopack Gallons of Milk Hand Packing Station

DPI Gripping Lowerator Syrup - Drop Packing Machine

Alphapack with Optional Hand Pack Station Breakfast Buns Pick and Place Pac

SPP Garlic Bread Pick and Place Packer

SPP Loaves of Fresh Bread Pick and Place Packer

Alphapack 300 Plastic Trays of Cookies Pick and Place Packer

Drop Packer Capabilities

Hand Packing Station Capabilities

Packing Head Changeover with Head Cart

SPP Tubs Yogurt into Trays Pick and Place Packer

SPP Dual Head Juice Cups Pick and Place Packer

2-EZ HS HM FOL 20 cpm High Speed Hot Melt Case Erector

Case Erector: FOL 2-EZ XL Large Case

Ergopack Indexing Books Hand Pack Station

TBS-100FC XXL Extra Large Cases

E2000 Ergopack Powered Magazine Pasta Hand Packing Station

TBS-100 FC HS 60 cpm High Speed Case Sealer

Random Height TBS-100 FC XL 15 cpm Case Sealer

RS2000SB 20 cpm Under Minimum Height and Maximum Width Case Sealer

FOL 2-EZ HM Case Erector

Alphapack Bottle End Effector 3 Sizes of Floor Finish Pick and Place Packer

SW-10 Set Up & Operation

2-EZ® Plus Staple Closure Case Erector

E2000 Hand Pack Station Cans Cooking Spray

DPI Empty Glass Beer Bottles Drop Packer

FBL with CTM Print and Apply Case Labeling

Alphapack Chipboard Cartons Waffles Pick and Place Case Packer

HCE Case Erector for Tall Narrow Cases

TBS-100FC HS 40 cpm High Speed Case Sealer

RS2000 SB Random Case Sealer up to 28 inch high case

Alphapack Bottles Toner 4 cpm Pick and Place Case Packer