Washdown Packaging Equipment

Maintaining a pristine production and packaging environment is critical for food manufacturers.  One of the key features that they look for when purchasing processing and packaging equipment is that it be 100% washdown.  The main criterion for washdown packaging equipment is stainless steel construction.  Stainless steel resists corrosion and pitting caused by cleaning agents and aggressive food ingredients.

Combi Packaging Systems offers sanitary, washdown equipment constructed from U.S. stainless steel and your choice of NEMA rated electrical components.  Our simple, open designs allow for easy washdown of all exposed surfaces.

  • Stainless steel, box tube frame construction with minimal horizontal surfaces; niche-free with no hidden corners
  • All composite bearings are sealed
  • All exposed shafting is hardened stainless steel
  • All motors and reducers are approved for washdown environments
  • All exposed acme thread is stainless steel
  • All pneumatic cylinders are anodized aluminum or stainless steel
  • All tabletop chain is wash down approved
  • All electrical enclosures are NEMA 4x compliant (composite or stainless)
  • All pneumatic components are washdown approved approved including valve banks, Piab venturi, and include a coalescing filter to eliminate moisture in the air supply
  • Wire stand offs and spacing

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