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Automated Packaging Case Study: Pack Irregular Shaped Electronic Parts

Ergopack Hand Packing Station with Product Fixtures and End Caps Dispenser



Irregular Shaped Electronic Parts

The Challenge:packaging irregular shaped electronic parts

Multiple pieces of fragile, irregularly shaped satellite components must be cradled with pulp end caps before being placed into RSC case.   Also, product flyers must be manually placed into packed case before case sealing.

The Combi Solution:

  • Fully customized Ergopack with two person pack station. The custom assembly line integrated case erector, check weigher and case sealer at 5 cpm
  • Custom product fixtures designed and supplied that
    raise the product off conveyor, allowing
    clearance around the ends for placement of
    pulp caps
  • Special indexing controls control product flow fromergopack two person packing station
    both ends of the infeed conveyor
  • Custom storage dispensers hold 180 pulp end caps.  At the pack station, operator grabs a left and right handed cap, places them on product without having to touch the product, lifts product off fixture and places into waiting erected case.
  • As filled cases advance to case sealer, any mispacked case is stopped at the check weigher.

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