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Pet Food Packaging Equipment

No matter how poorly the economy is performing, consumers are still willing to invest in their family pets.  People are buying nutritional products, trying new foods from "boutique" manufacturers, and even paying premium prices.  The pet food industry is catering to mobility and convenience of products with handled bags and pouches, single servings and easier to open packaging.  Packaging for pet food generally follows many of the same trends and styles as packaging used for human food, which makes Combi an ideal choice for pet food packaging equipment.  Combi Packaging is a major supplier to the food and pet industry and has years of engineering experience providing custom end of line packaging machinery for a variety of packaging styles.

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   Design and Performance

   Standardized Parts    Combi's packaging machines are built
   with the industry's strongest frame (lifetime warranty) and heavy
   -duty name-brand components.  Replacement parts are
which means sourcing can be handled locally,
   for a reasonable price, with minimal downtime.

   Retrofit Solutions    Modular in design, Combi's case erectors
   easily integrate with Combi  case packers, providing flexibiilty 
  as production needs grow. Pack multiple products on one machine with modular packing heads that are easily changeable with the assistance of a portable packing head cart and program recipes on the HMI.  And, for a fraction of the cost of a new
machine, Combi's service department can upgrade many features on older machines that will enhance your machines' productivity.

Sanitary Features   Combi offers sanitary, washdown equipment constructed from U.S. stainless steel and your choice of NEMA rated electrical components.  Our simple, open designs eliminate potential harborage areas where undesirable microorganisms might gather.