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SPP Servo Pick and Place Case Packer

spp servo pick and place packerThe Combi servo pick and place case packer is a top load system featuring heavy duty linear servo motors capable of 25 picks per minute. Integrated with the E-series case erectors, the servo pick and place case packer has a compact footprint for fitting into the tightest packaging lines.

Servo Pick and Place Packers Features

  • Heavy Duty
    • All welded tubular steel framework
    • Rugged oversized components
    • All stainless steel case and product contact parts
  • Compact Footprint
    • Integrated E-Series Case Erector
    • Typical system with case erector is only 10 feet long
  • Versatile
    • The SPP can pack multiple layers of a wide range of products
    • Integrates directly with E-Series Case Erectors
    • Many collation methods for product grouping and orientation
  • Efficient
    • Up to 25 picks (product layers) per minute
    • Fast simple collation (product grouping)
    • Quick changeovers with minimal change parts
    • No-Tool crank adjustments

Servo Pick and Place Case Packers Product Options

  • Stainless steel framework
  • Stand-alone system without case erector
  • Electrical control integration
  • 3rd axis step indexing conveyor available
  • Available as stand-alone system (w/o case erector)
  • Full safety interlocked guarding
  • Custom designs for special applications
  • Color Touchscreen Option
    • Machine controls
    • Machine pack data and history
    • Maintenance schedule
    • Custom diagnostic capabilities

Your Product, Our Solution

The Alphapack and SPP both handle the widest range of products from flexible bags, chipboard cartons, shrink wrapped packages, to light weight, semi-solid products or any other package that requires special handling, orientation, or precise placement in multiple layers.

Combi's case packing systems are used by a wide range of industries.  View a full list of our industries served.

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