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In Stock Surplus Case Sealers

At Combi, we realize the importance of sealing a case securely.   Our new and used case sealers can tape or hot melt glue cases on the top, bottom or both.  We can handle small and big cases, as well as uniform or random sizes with ease.  Each of our surplus case sealers are set to ensure your cases and boxes are sealed properly!

  • New TBS100FC Top and Bottom Case Sealers, LH and RH, 240V, Center Line, 2" tapeheads. 
  • New TBS100FC Top and Bottom Case Sealer, RH, 115V, Zero Line, 2" tapeheads
  • New TBS-100 H Sealer, RH, 240V, Center Line, Two 3" tapeheads C clip middle of case; Two 3" tapeheads upper H seal; Two 3" tapeheads lower H seal
  • Demo 2012 TBS100 FC Top & Bottom Zero Line Case Sealer, LH, SSTL Cat 4 Construction, 115V/1ph, Push button controls, 1000 PLC
  • New Sanitary TBS100 FC RTE Top and Bottom Case Sealer, SSTL/Washdown, up to 20 cpm, LH, 115V, case range 5"x5"x5" to 20"x16"x20"
  • New TBS-100 L-Clip, 110V/1 ph; Center Line, 2" L-Clip seal, LH
  • (2) New TBS100 Random Top & Bottom Case Sealer, LH, 240V/3ph, for Egg Industry
  • Used 2008 TBS100FC XL Top only Case Sealer, RH, 2" tape, 240V/3Ph
  • Used Sanitary TBS100FC RTE Top, C-Line Case Sealer for food industry, LH, 115V, Stainless steel construction, case range 5"x5"x5" to 20"x16"x20"

Our used case sealers are used by a wide variety of industries.  View a full list of industries served.

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