Global packaging supplier finds unique solution with Combi case erector

The Client / Product

The client is a global leader in corrugated packaging solutions for a multitude of shopping categories, with 50,000 team members and more than 320 facilities.

The Challenge

The company produces chip-board cartons, which are stacked on their side and require a flat bottom for protection. To accomplish getting a flat-bottomed case, flaps must be folded in reverse. Because they couldn’t find a machine to accomplish what they needed – proper reverse flap folds for their largest cases, with no wrinkles and without tape – employees erected the cartons by hand. They needed a solution that delivered product satisfaction and reduced labor costs.

The Solution

This Combi high-speed case erector does what other machines can’t. It folds the flaps in reverse for the largest case sizes and produces completely flat bottoms for cartons, with no wrinkles or dents.

It can run a standard RSC, HSC or gap-flap case, with and without tape. It also can run in alternative (reverse) mode, achieving either minor, minor, major, major folding or major, major, minor, minor folding.

Our product offered:

The Results

By making the switch from 24/7 manual production to Combi’s high-speed case erector, this company will save $90,000 in labor costs after the first year. At the same time, they can count on a perfectly folded case, every time.

Other benefits of the Combi 2-EZ case erector:

  • Easy set-up
  • Machine changeovers in less than 15 minutes
  • Improved quality with 24/7 production abilities

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