Packaging Systems Case Study: Packing Flammable Paint Cans

The Client / Product

Steel cans of paint with ears and bails

Case Sizes: 13-3.8" x 13-1/8" x 7-3/4", 13-5/8" x 13-5/8" x 13-9/16" C Flue Double Wall RSC Cases

The Challenge

To pack four heavy one gallon cans (25 lb. ea.) and four quart cans of paint into the same case in a flammable vapor environment; at a rate of 13 cpm.

The Solution

  • Intrinsic safety electrical system on 2-EZ case erector and DPI drop packer for flammable gases and vapors using positive pressurized system with fail safe alarms and safe wiring methods.  Also included anti-static product conveyor.
  • 100 lb case weight and 13 cpm packing speed required a servo driven soft pack lowerator assembly with vacuum pick up head and support structure which assisted the dropping of product into case while supporting the weight.
  • Case brake and gate assembly for manual load station.  Some cases required quart cans to be manually loaded into the case, after the four one-gallon cans were packed automatically.  Included selector switch for bypass mode and remote "call for case" finger swipe switch.
  • Custom machine paint job using customer's rust inhibiting acrylic latex metal paint.
  • Multi-lane product diverter to divide paint can product infeed from one incoming lane to two, including quick lane change and down stream bottle backup features.
  • Machine was designed to customer specifications using many non-standard and first-off components.

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