Faster Case Packing Speeds for Bottles of Shampoo & Body Wash

The Client / Product

Lotions and Shampoos;8, 16, 24 and 36 Ounce Bottles with Caps

The Challenge

Customer was using Ergopack®hand packing stations that they purchased in 2009 for packing bottles of shampoo and body wash. Sales had increased from $2M to $50M prompting the need for faster case packing speeds.

The Solution

  • A second production line was added with two 2-EZ®HS DP drop packers running 90-120 ppm / 25 cpm and two TBS100 FCXL automatic case sealers.
  • Special custom guarding was added to the case sealers
  • Supplied Combi multi-lane product diverter to divide product from one incoming lane into separate lanes. Included Instadjust quick lane change feature and downstream bottle back up
  • Four sets of change parts allowed different sizes of products to be packed on the same machine
  • Seven foot long nose over, belted case transfer conveyor with side guides, supports and controls transport filled cases to sealer

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