3M and Combi Packaging Systems Increase Alignment


Canton, Ohio –3M has made a business decision to increase the alignment of 3M and Combi Packaging Systems by centralizing support activities for their 3M-Matic Case Sealing equipment into the Combi joint venture.

3M-Matic engineering, technical sales support, and technician training has transitioned from 3M Corporate Headquarters in St Paul, MN to Combi’s 135,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Canton, Ohio, resulting in improved alignment of 3M and Combi manufacturing capabilities and future compatibility of 3M-Matic and Combi equipment.

Combi Packaging Systems LLC is a leading US manufacturer of end of line packaging equipment, including case erectors, case sealers, case packers, and case labeling machines.  Combi Packaging Systems LLC was formed as a joint venture between 3M and the MJ Maillis Group in 1999.

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