3M Visits the Hall of Fame City


3M visits the hall of fame city

Since 1979, Combi Packaging Systems has been designing and customizing affordable packaging equipment.  Whether that machine is a case erector, case sealer, case packer or a hand packing station, Combi is always aiming to give customers the finest possible packaging equipment. 

In 1999, Combi continued with that goal in mind by starting a joint venture with two packaging industry leaders, 3M™ Packaging Systems Division and The M.J. Maillis Group.  Working with these two companies helped us become a premier source for complete end-of-line automated packaging systems.  With Combi hosting this year's annual 3M sales meeting here in Canton, Ohio I thought I might say a few words about 3M specifically. 3M's Packaging Systems Division solves packaging challenges with innovative solutions.  These solutions range from work center designs to maintenance support.  Together 3M and Combi meet the needs of the entire transport packaging line with the customer's goals in mind.  Whether you need increased organizational efficiency or an improved operational productivity plan, 3M facilitates moving closer to your specific solution.  I would like to thank 3M for being an important part of the Combi Packaging team and I am looking forward to our continued partnership.

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