How to Keep Your Combi Machine Running Smoothly


Combi employee

Maintaining your Combi Equipment You have purchased your Combi machine, and keeping your machine running smoothly is a crucial part of your daily business operations. We have four recommendations that are necessary for keeping your machine running like new as time passes on.

First, carrying out regular maintenance is paramount to keeping your Combi machine running smoothly. Operators who are familiar with the machine can easily tell when the performance of the machine is declining. The operator will be able to identify where a problem is and be able to get the problem resolved quickly to reduce downtime. Therefore it is crucial that the operators and maintenance staff supervise the machine, insuring it is running smoothly by identifying key issues as soon as they arise.

Another way is by listening to the machine, recognizing air leaks or sounds from parts that may be rubbing together as improper set up of the machine might have occurred.

Additionally, performing maintenance as a preventive measure is very important to preserve the performance of your machine. Regular maintenance includes lube grease fittings, replacing filters and other worn parts, general cleaning of the machine, etc.

Our last recommendation to you is to only run industry standard corrugate boxes through your machine, and making sure that employees responsible for setting up the machine are trained properly. Doing this ensures the machine is operating at its peak performance and helps reduce case jams.

Take these steps and your machine will stay running at full capacity during your operations. Contact us to learn more about upkeep on your Combi packaging equipment.