Why Buy Combi Packaging Equipment?


Combi equipment in warehouse

So you're browsing through different packaging machinery companies' websites and come across ours. You skim through various equipment pages and then stop and ask yourself this important question - Why Combi? Let me give you a few reasons why Combi is the right fit for you.

  • We create customized and affordable machines.  Our engineers work closely with our regional sales managers to make sure all your specifications are met.  At Combi, the importance of staying within a budget is understood, which is why being affordable is something we continually focus on.  We want to make that transition from point of sale to the production and startup of your equipment seamless for you.
  • We are a one-stop shop.  We are the only packaging machinery manufacturer that offers a complete end of line - from case erecting to case packing to case sealing to robotic palletizing, with your choice of fully automatic to semi-automatic machines.
  • Finally, we care about quality.  We run a factory acceptance test for every customer in person at our facility or via video.  Your products are used to ensure that the equipment will meet or exceed your expectations.  We believe in our products, which is why we offer a one year warranty and a lifetime guarantee on the machine frames.

To sum it up, Combi has been succeeding in the packaging industry for 36 years.  During that time we have set high expectations for ourselves, and our employees help meet those standards.  Our engineers, regional sales managers and network of distributors work closely together to give you the best product possible for your packaging equipment needs. Contact us with any questions, or for more information on Combi Packaging Systems.