Case Erectors


By efficiently and consistently erecting boxes, automatic packing equipment can provide increased production and labor savings. A Combi case erecting machine gives you flexibility with easy changeovers and the ability to increase your cases per minute with a range of speed capabilities.

Our case erectors also can be integrated with our case packers, providing a compact solution that loads products for shipping. At Combi, we engineer a variety of options for automated case erectors and offer customizations to fit your needs.

2-EZ® XL Series Case Erector for Large Cases

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Case Erectors

2-EZ® IL 16

15 Plus Cases Per Minute
For an extensive case range and a compact footprint, look no further than the 2-EZ® IL 16. This case erector from Combi can be installed flat against a wall, saving even more valuable flo...
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2-EZ® SB 15 Case Erector with Bottom Taper

Up to 15 Cases Per Minute
Combi Packaging System's side belt drive case erector forms and bottom seals cases at speeds up to 15 cases per minute.  This bottom sealing case erector is built with the same optimal du...
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2-EZ® HS Case Erector Bottom Case Sealer

15 Plus Cases Per Minute
The Combi high speed case erector utilizes servo motors to form and bottom seal cases at speeds up to 30 cases per minute. Combi's new product offerings are a response to our customers' n...
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2-EZ® XL Series Case Erector for Large Cases

Up to 15 Cases Per Minute
The 2-EZ® XL series case erector is a no-compromise solution for case forming and bottom sealing large cases. Our cost-effective systems feature heavy duty components, positive case openi...
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Sanitary Washdown Case Erector Bottom Sealer

Speciality Case Erectors
While there are currently no formal government agencies regulating packaging machinery, food producers are taking an active role in assigning the highest priority on the safety and purity...
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Hot Melt Case Erectors

Speciality Case Erectors
For optimal durability, reliability and value, Combi's 2-EZ® G, and high speed 2-EZ® HS G case erectors erect corrugated cases and close the bottom flaps with hot melt glue. Equipped with...
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CE-10 Case Erector Bottom Case Sealer

The Combi CE-10 is an automatic case Erector that erects and bottom seals corrugated cases at speeds from 500 to 720 cases per hour. Our value-priced case erecting equipment is ideal for ...
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Ambidextrous Bottom Sealing 2-EZ® HS Case Erector

Speciality Case Erectors
Do you use a variety of corrugated cases with different print orientation? Is your production area cluttered with multiple case erectors, or worse yet, piles of manually formed and sealed...
View Ambidextrous 2-EZ® HS Case Erector

Case Erectors with Automatic Case Changeovers

Speciality Case Erectors
Simplify user experience with Combi's optional automatic case changeover feature on our 2-EZ® HS case erectors. Servo motion technology and brushless EC motors eliminate the fine tuning t...
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Random Case Erecting Solutions

Speciality Case Erectors
Increased global competition is driving leaner operations in today's manufacturing facilities. To gain efficiencies, more companies are incorporating disruptive technologies, such as robo...
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E-Series Case Erector

Speciality Case Erectors
The Combi E-series case erectors are the foundation of Combi case packing systems and the key to our packaging equipment versatility. The E-series case erectors are all essentially the sa...
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In Stock Equipment

If you need to erect flat cases, Combi’s surplus case erectors are some of the best options around! Our new and used case erectors/bottom tapers are available in a wide variety of speeds with tape or hot melt glue closing methods. Combi's family of case erectors is built to accommodate a large range of small to extra large cases, as well as standard and custom sizes.