2-EZ® XL Series Case Erector for Large Cases

The 2-EZ® XL series case erector is a no-compromise solution for case forming and bottom sealing large cases. Our cost-effective systems feature heavy duty components, positive case opening and transfer, and either belt driven or servo driven carriage assemblies for perfect cases every cycle. The 2-EZ® XL series is the perfect case erector for increasing productivity and throughput for your large case packing process.

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  • EZ Load Walk-In powered 50" case magazine
  • Heavy duty 2"x3" welded tubular steel framework
  • 3M Accuglide™ 2" tapehead
  • Dual belt driven (2-EZ XL, 2-EZ XXL) or servo driven (2-EZ XL HS) carriage assemblies
  • Safety back up photo eye with 20' cord and mounting bracket
  • Allen-Bradley components
  • Right hand or left hand execution

Electrical Service

  • 120 volt / single phase / 20 amp
  • 240 volt / three phase / 20 amp

Air Consumption

  • 80 PSI clean air supply. Air consumption is case size dependent.
Model 2-EZ® XL 10 2-EZ® XL 15 2-EZ® XXL 8 2-EZ® XXL 12

Case Size Min
(L x W x H)

8" x 6" x 5" 8" x 6" x 5" 21 x 15 x 9" 21 x 15 x 9"
Case Size Max
(L x W x H)
24" x 20 x 18"  24 x 20 x 18"  32 x 26 x 30"  32 x 26 x 30"
Speed: Cases Per Minute* 10 cpm 15 cpm 8 cpm 12 cpm

* Speeds are case size dependent