Automatic RH/LH 2-EZ­® HS | Case Speeds Up to 30

Automatic RH/LH 2-EZ­® HS | Case Speeds Up to 30

Do you use a variety of corrugated cases with different print orientations? Is your production area cluttered with multiple case erectors, or worse yet, piles of manually formed and sealed cases? Combi now provides users with the flexibility of owning just one machine that erects both right and left-handed cases. The 2-EZ® HS RH/LH Case Erector frees up valuable floor space and requires minimal staff to operate and maintain the case erector. The perfect solution for contract packagers and fulfillment centers!

Available in the 2-EZ® HS 20, 2-EZ® HS 25, and 2-EZ® HS 30.

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Standard Features

  • Opposite hand case modification includes a RH/LH case forming option that self-adjusts through a menu setting on the operator interface
  • No overhead cross members in doorways provides easy access for case erector maintenance
  • Hinged case hold down plate allows for easy tapehead removal
  • Only 5 adjustment points with digital indicators - the tapehead and side belts adjust together
  • Positive four flap closing - rotary actuators and a fixed guide close the major box flaps, which provides for smooth and gradual closing of the major flaps
  • Self-cleaning vacuum system with vacuum generator consumes a conservative amount of air
  • Allen Bradley operator interface provides enhanced communications and expanded application capabilities
Model 2-EZ® HS 20 2-EZ® HS 25 2-EZ® HS 30

Min Case Range   (L x W x H)

8"x6"x5" 8"x6"x5" 8"x6"x5"
Max Case Range  (L x W x H) 24"x16"x18"  24"x16"x18"  20"x13.5"x18"
Max Speed* 20 CPM 25 CPM 30 CPM
Overall Footprint 8'11"x9'9"x5'7" 8'11"x9'9"x5'7" 8'11"x9'9"x5'7"

* Speeds are case size dependent