2-EZ® Series | Sanitary Construction

2-EZ® Series | Sanitary Construction

While there are currently no formal government agencies regulating packaging machinery, food producers are taking an active role in assigning the highest priority on the safety and purity of their products through the entire food manufacturing process, including their end of line packaging.

Combi recognizes the role their packaging machinery plays in meat, poultry and ready-to-eat food plants and has designed a stainless steel, wash down automatic case erector, bottom sealer that virtually reduces and/or eliminates potential areas where undesirable bacteria might gather.

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  • Cleanable - Constructed to ensure that the equipment can be effectively and efficiently cleaned and sanitized over the lifetime of the equipment, including stainless pneumatic cylinders, valves and stainless gear box with food grade lubricant
  • Open Design Construction - Smooth, stainless steel materials, USDA approved, are corrosion resistant and compatible with cleaning and sanitizing chemicals.  Food grade silicon vacuum cups.
  • Accessible - Parts of the side belt drives are readily accessible and disassembled for inspection and cleaning without the use of tools
  • Water Shedding Surfaces - Equipment covers are sloped and self-draining to assure that product, water or liquids do not accumulate or pool on the equipment surfaces
  • No Hollow Areas - Limited use of threaded components and no tubing;  continuous welds; stainless pointers and scales
  • Hygienic Maintenance Enclosures - Stainless guarding; Nema 4x electrical and pneumatic enclosures with sloped tops and shut offs.