Combi Capabilities in Automated Packaging Systems

Combi engineers and manufactures custom automated packaging systems, from semi-automatic to fully automatic packaging lines.

Packaging Solutions

Find a full range of packaging solutions, including case erectorstray formerscase sealerscase packers, ergonomic hand packing stations, robotic case erectors, robotic case packing and robotic palletizing systems.

Combi engineers specialize in custom designs, so we can handle specific product orientation needs or packaging line integrations.

Vast Industry Experience

Our custom automated packaging solutions serve a broad range of industries, providing dependable performance. We can engineer solutions for everything from basic lines to the most demanding applications. We’re able to meet specific requirements, including sanitary options for food manufacturers.

Contact Us

Combi can work with you, whether you’re one facility or a national corporation with high-capacity needs.

If you’re interested in standard or custom automated packaging systems, fill out our short form or call 1.800.521.9072. We’re ready to discuss what Combi can do for you.

National Account Capabilities

Combi partners with large, national accounts to meet local, national and global packaging requirements. With our experience and familiarity ...
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Packaging Line Integration

Whether you’re beginning to automate your packaging line or need a fully automated packaging system, Combi engineers are ready to work with ...
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Case Studies

Each of our customers – from a wide range of industries – has unique packaging needs and requirements. Combi engineers can provide custom au...
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Product Orientation

Combi offers options for custom product packaging that requires special orientation or precise placement. Flexible bags and pouches, bottles...
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Washdown and Sanitary Equipment

In food manufacturing, it’s imperative that packaging systems maintain safety and purity of the products. Combi designed a line of stainless...
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Hot Melt Machines

Combi hot melt case erectors and hot melt case sealers offer options for sealing cases with glue. Combi hot melt equipment provides safety, ...
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Order Packaging Replacement Parts

Combi replacement parts are available for all automated packaging systems, including Combi machines and 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers. Replacement ...
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