3 Reasons Craft Brewers Should Invest in a Quality Packaging System


It's more than apparent Americans love a good craft beer by the unprecedented growth this industry is experiencing.  What started as a single batch, manual hobby in someone’s garage or basement, is turning into a thriving, labor intense business for many craftsmen. Once brewers are unable to manually keep up with production, there are automatic bottle case packing options available to them.

Space Constraints  One of the most troublesome steps in packing bottles is erecting the four or six pack carriers and then having somewhere to put them until you are ready to pack. There are machines that will automatically form the carrier and even insert the carrier into a formed corrugated shipping case, like Combi’s BCF and BrewPack. These machines differ by speed and functionality but are the first step to automating a packaging line.

Labor Savings  Your budget isn’t ready for full automation? A semi-automatic hand pack station performs several functions simultaneously. Bottles feed into the machine on a product conveyor as shipping cases and carriers are being formed. Several operators manually pack bottles into the cases which are then fed into an automatic case sealer. The operators never touch a carrier or case, so you can eliminate those Saturday night pack parties.

Increased Throughput  If you are producing in excess of 2,000 barrels of beer a year, a full end of line packaging system will increase your throughput and reduce your labor costs. Methods for automatically packing bottles and cans of beer vary by speed and methods of packing. Each lends its own unique characteristics to case packing and a qualified packaging specialist can recommend the right solution for your brewery. You can read about two different systems case packing at different speeds by visiting the BrewPack SPP and high speed BCF DP SPP web pages.

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