Affordable Industrial Food Packaging Equipment


CANTON, Ohio (February 8, 2010) – More than 30 years of experience goes into each piece of food packaging equipment built by the pros at Combi Packaging Systems, with affordable performance delivered precisely to each customer’s specifications.

As cost-efficiency continues to drive food packaging equipment decisions, Combi remains committed to delivering the best performance fitted to customers’ requirements and budgets. And that includes equipment for co-packers serving the grocery industry’s rapidly expanding private label business.

Combi Packaging Systems LLC serves the food packing industry with end-of-line food packaging equipment. Combi designs and builds systems for bakery, dairy, snack food, frozen food, meat, poultry and fish products, and others.

“Our expertise in product collation includes bottle packing, carton packing and blister packing,” said Combi President and CEO John Fisher. “We build affordable food packaging equipment specifically for customers’ products.”

Combi food packaging equipment is known for its affordable performance in case erecting, hand-packing, horizontal loading, drop packing, and pick-and-place applications. The company’s expertise results in packing systems that integrate proven, affordable equipment – including the popular 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers.

All food packaging equipment is offered in stainless steel construction with NEMA 4 electric control packages for wash-down environments.

“Customers have recognized our ability to develop and deliver affordable food packaging equipment,” Fisher said. “Our capabilities combined with 3M technology deliver the perfect combination for our customers.”

Combi can integrate its food packaging equipment with 3M-Matic engineering, technical sales support and training – all at Combi’s Canton plant. An additional value is 3M’s systems-length tape agreement, offered to customers who buy Combi equipment and 3M-Matic Case Sealers. Those who agree to buy a specified quantity of tape qualify for benefits that can include a rebate, free tape head, or parts kit.

“Customers should never pay for more than they need; that philosophy drives our product development,” Fisher said. “We focus on engineering and building affordable performance into our food packaging equipment.”

Combi Packaging Systems LLC is a leading U.S. manufacturer of end-of-line packaging equipment, with more than 30 years’ service in case erectors, case sealers, case packers, ergonomic hand-packing stations, and case-labelers. Combi can integrate the popular 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers with its full line of packing equipment, providing industry-leading box-sealing solutions for nearly any application. Combi Packaging Systems LLC was formed as a joint venture between 3M and The MJ Maillis Group in 1999.

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