Packaging Equipment Case Study: Small Footprint Case Packer Automating Pharmaceutical Liquid Bottles

Packing Head


2L and 6L plastic bottles of pharmaceutical liquids

History of Customer's Application:

This customer was manually erecting corrugated cases, hand packing large, heavy jugs of liquid into them, and then sealing the cases manually with adhesive tape.  They were getting ready to introduce two new bottled products and knew they wouldn't be able to keep up with hand packing.

Pharmaceutical Company's Challenge:

The area where they were hand packing was very small with a low ceiling.  This diagnostic and blood screening assay provider looked at several manufacturers for an automated case packing system.  Combi's Alphapack system, with integrated case erector, case packer and case sealer in one compact footprint, was half the size of competitive units.  Combi was able to provide a fully customized solution so this customer could pack their existing product along with the two new jugs - all on the same machine.  Since Combi offers affordable customization, we were able to incorporate a hand packing station to use when running small batches of product.

Combi Pharmaceutical Solution:

Combi provided a compact Alphapack servo pick and place case packer with integrated case erector, a Streamfeeder Pamphlet Inserter and Combi TBS100FC top and bottom case sealer.  Our customer was able to:

  • Reduce the threat of repetitive motion injuries associated with reaching and wrist movements
  • Re-assign two people from the manual case packing application
  • Maximize packing needs in a tight, confined area
  • Have the flexibility of by-passing the case packer to hand pack on demand

Some of the customized features included:

  • Servo speed up kit to 15 cases per minute
  • 90 degree rotation of the bottles before packing
  • Ethernet dial-in connectivity providing Combi technicians remote access
  • Low profile frame to accommodate low 9 foot ceiling height
  • Case packer bypass to accommodate hand packing small runs of nested pack patterns for 100ml and 200 ml bottles

Do you require an automated case packing system yet have space constraints.  Contact Combi today for an affordable, customized solution at 800-521-9072 or Request a Machine Quote.