BCF Beverage Carrier Former

Beverage Carrier Former

Beverage Carrier Former

In 1979 Combi started as a machine rebuilder for area beverage and brewery businesses. Thirty five years later Combi manufactures, and supplies, an impressive array of bottle packaging machines - alongside an occasional rebuild. Combi can serve as your one source for beverage carrier formers, tray formers, case erectors, and bottle case packers.

The mechanically designed BCF forms four pack and six pack chipboard carriers which can feed any number of our case packers for a complete bottle packaging line. If you are in the beverage or craft beer industry, this machine can take your flat four and six pack carriers and form them for the bottles to be packed. This is especially efficient for craft beer breweries. The BCF Beverage Carrier Former's inline and compact design utilizes a mechanically linked carrier pick-up and transport mechanism for precise placement throughout the forming cycle.

Combi's tray formers are used by a wide range of industries. View a full list of our industries served.

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