Changing Trends in Personal Care Product Packaging


Estimates have shown that the global personal care market will grow at an annual rate of 5.5%, according to Packaging Digest. With these growing numbers, paying attention to every aspect of packaging is crucial for a manufacturer's success.

Living in the era of social media, it’s important to ask yourself how your product’s packaging fits in. “Would consumers want to Instagram a picture of this?” “Are people likely to re-pin this on Pinterest?” “Will consumers like the picture on Facebook?” Considering the likability of your product and its brand awareness should drive you to create a package that is not only functional, but is decorative. Why worry about a package being decorative?

According to Yahoo Beauty, sophisticated packaging mentally enhances the quality of the product inside to the consumer. Additionally, design characteristics that are immediately recognizable can help your social media presence. These reasons all play a role into why beauty brands have the fastest-growing Instagram communities.

Diving deeper into personal care packaging data from Packaging Digest, and what trends are occurring, cartons have seen the most growth since 2010 going from 9% to 19% of packaging. Plastic packaging will continue to be the most popular material used, while still expecting to grow by 12% by 2019. Making sure your packaging is break resistant and/or portable is another aspect to consider says Packaging Digest. While consumers want packaging that is pretty enough to post pictures of, they also want it to have a function.

Continue to keep an eye on the changing trends in personal care packaging so that you’ll be aware of what the consumers want to buy…and Instagram!

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