Combi and 3M: A Joint Venture in Packaging Solutions

The Combi joint venture brings together the strength of the 3M Packaging Systems Division and the MJ Maillis Group. This combination of two global packaging industry leaders positions Combi as the premier source for complete of end of line packaging solutions.


The M.J. MAILLIS Group is involved in the manufacture and distribution of end of line industrial solutions. This includes strapping, wrapping and taping packaging material, strapping tools and machines, wrapping, shrinking and carton sealing machines and special bands. It offers complete solutions, covering both the heavy-duty and light packaging markets and serves all industrial applications.

Maillis Group operates in more than 52 countries worldwide, through a network of 38 owned Affiliate companies and more than 300 independent distributors.


3M Packaging Systems Division is the leading global total transport packaging solutions provider to help senior management, packaging engineers and operations managers solve packaging problems with innovative solutions.

From work center designs to operator training and maintenance support, our products and services meet the needs of the entire transport packaging line.

3M Packaging Systems Division delivers products and solutions to help you increase organizational efficiency, improve operational productivity and manage packaging information.

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