Combi Rolls Out New Demo Trailer II


May 8, 2012, Canton, Ohio.  Later this month Combi Packaging Systems will proudly roll out their second Demonstration Trailer.  Relationships matter in business and, despite the worldwide reach of the internet, a relationship must be personal.   For the past 5 years Combi has been supporting its network of distributors by traveling across the United States and Canada providing live demonstrations of their affordable, custom end of line packaging equipment.  

Customers can see firsthand the quality workmanship that goes into Combi’s unique Ergopack®, an ergonomic hand packing station that automates case erecting and sealing while placing the open case and product at an optimal height for comfortable manual case packing.  Also equipped on the trailer is Combi’s 2-EZ®SB side belt driven case erector.  This 15 cpm erector features fast changeovers, vacuum blow-off, positive four flap closing and an open design.

Combi Packaging Systems LLC is a leading US manufacturer of end of line packaging equipment, including case erectors, case sealers, case packers, tray formers, ergonomic hand packing stations and case labeling machines.  Combi Packaging Systems LLC was formed as a joint venture with 3M and MJ Maillis Group in 1999. 

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