Complete Customized Packaging Solutions for Every


The right end-of-line packaging equipment can significantly increase the efficiency of your operation, helping you make on-time deliveries, minimize damage and enhance customer satisfaction. With Combi’s customized automatic and semi-automatic solutions, you can build a new packing line or augment an existing one with equipment that meets your exacting specifications.

Start Assembly with a Case Erector
Open your “knocked-down” or flat shipping cartons quickly and accurately using a Combi case erector. Known for dependable, consistent performance and smooth, precise function, our case erectors assemble and seal extra small to extra tall cartons and offer a wide range of speed capabilities.

If you’re looking for:

  • Speed, consider our HCE High Speed Mechanical Case Erector. Delivering up to 35 cases per minute that can be sealed with adhesive tape or hot-melt glue, the HCE, with its smaller footprint, uses less air and power than other case erectors.
  • Versatility, instant productivity and value pricing, try our CE-10. Its labor-saving design can be incorporated into virtually any packing line, providing consistent cases, easy operation and fast changeovers.
  • Longevity, easy operation and best value, check out the Combi EZ® Series, including the original 2-EZ, the faster 2-EZ HS and 2-EZ SB and the 2-EZ XL for large cases.

Load Products with a Case Packer
Whether your product is top loaded, side loaded or drop packed, Combi can provide a case packer for your most demanding or delicate packaging application.  For increased flexibility and faster changeovers, our case packers also come with modular packing heads.

If your product:

  • Must be packed in multiple layers or requires special handling, select one of our Pick & Place Packers. They are ideal for products that require special orientation or precise placement, such as flexible bags and pouches, bottles, cartons, gable top cartons and more.
  • Loads in the horizontal position, think about our HL Horizontal Case Loader, which works well with nested products, cylindrical items, multi-packs and cartons.
  • Comes in a rigid, heavy-duty container, you’ll want our Drop Packer, with its welded tubular steel construction, soft-drop lowerator and quick-clamp product lane guides.

Close Shipping Cartons with a Case Sealer
From standard-sized RSC cases and overlapping or sequentially folded flaps to tuck-folded flaps and special display cases, Combi’s got a case sealer that can get the job done.

If you need:

  • Speed and flexibility, select our Fully Automatic RS2000 Random Case Sealer. It’s designed for high volume lines with random case sizes in distribution centers or facilities where different lines converge for sealing.
  • A wide range of sealing applications, consider our TBS Series Case Sealers. They offer an adaptable, modular system for top and/or bottom sealing and many flap-folding configurations.
  • Hot-melt glue sealing, opt for our Combi HM Series Case Sealers.
  • Extra-large case sealing, choose our XL Case Sealers.
  • Equipment that helps you meet stringent compliance guidelines, request our frame option of U.S.-manufactured stainless steel with NEMA 4 compliant washdown components.

Prepare to Ship with a Case Labeler
Eliminate the expense and storage of custom-printed cases with the Combi FBL Flat Box Labeler. Available with print-only or print-and-apply case labeling, the Combi labeler allows you to label cases with varying information on an as-needed basis.

Contact us to discuss your packaging equipment needs. Or, call us at 1-800-521-9072.