Baking Industry Packaging Machines

Improve Productivity with Combi's Customized Food Packing Machines for the Baking Industry

From frozen bread, to fresh cookies and individually wrapped baked products and new healthy snacks, Combi Packaging Systems is experienced in providing quality food packing machines and unmatched customer service to manufacturers of baked goods and food products. We engineer and build customized, affordable baking packaging machinery for both fresh and frozen baked goods in clamshell containers, chipboard cartons, flow-wrapped pieces and bags.

Combi offers special baking packaging equipment with the following features:

We specialize in the handling of products that require special orientation or precise placement, including flow wrapped products, flexible bags and pouches.  And, for greater flexibility, our modular packing heads make it possible to pack multiple products on the same machine.  For washdown environments, our frames are constructed from U.S. manufactured stainless steel and NEMA 4 compliant components.

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