Drop Packers

Combi's expertise in top load case packing goes back to the earliest days of the company. As an industry leader in drop packing, we have hundreds of successful drop packer installations.

Combi drop packers are top load case packing systems for the widest range of rigid containers. Drop packer systems feature heavy duty welded tubular steel construction and fast changeovers with modular slide-in packing heads and quick-clamp product lane guides.

Our drop packers are ideal for the chemical industry, beverage industry and personal care industries.  View a full list of our industries served.

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DP Drop Packer

Drop Packer with Integrated Case Erector

DP Drop Packer The Combi drop packer is an ultra-compact solution for packing the widest range of rigid containers. This exclusive design integrates... Read more
DPI Drop Packer

DPI Stand Alone Case Packing System

The Combi DPI is a top loading, stand alone case packer for packing rigid containers at higher speeds than the Combi DP system. The DPI stand alone... Read more
2-EZ® High Speed Drop Packer

High Speed Drop Packer with Integrated Case Erector

The well proven capabilities of the Combi DP drop packer have been enhanced with a higher level of efficiency. Integrated into the frame of this... Read more
Servo Multi-Lane Product Diverter

Servo Multi-Lane Product Diverter

The new servo driven Combi multi lane product diverter counts and indexes product from one lane up to 8 individual lanes, while maintaining... Read more