Custom E-Commerce Solutions for Packaging

If you’re a manufacturer supplying the e-commerce industry, you need customized packaging solutions. Accommodating smaller pack counts, single wraps instead of bundles, running small batches and using the right sized containers are all today's challenges.  The right packaging operation can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, making your business run smoother.

Combi Packaging Systems is a leading manufacturer of automated end-of-line packaging machines. Engineering and installing affordable custom packaging systems is what we do.

How we can help:

Combi has a full line of packaging products including case erectors, case sealers, hand packing stations, case packers, tray formers and robotic packaging.

Here are some examples of e-commerce solutions Combi can provide to boost your productivity and accuracy of packaging:

  • Ergopack®: this simple to operate machine doesn't require highly skilled operators to run and offers fast changeovers for shorter production runs.
  • RCE Robotic Random Case Erector: the flexible arm tool picks up and erects random sized cases, eliminating the need for multiple erectors, the floor space they consume and costly changeover downtime.
  • TBS-100 FCXL Random Height and Width Case Sealer: a reliable Combi random case sealing solution for different size cases within a given range. Perfect for limited floor space and the need for several packaging lines.
  • 7000r High Speed Pro Random Case Sealer: a reliable 3M-Matic™ random case sealing solution for up to 28 different case sizes per minute.  The 3M™ AccuGlide™ 4 Taping Head offers low impact sealing to protect cases during the sealing process while taping at up to 150 feet per minute. 

Tailoring systems to fit your needs is our specialty. Our electrical and mechanical engineers, as well as regional sales managers, are ready to work with you. And our joint venture with both 3M Packaging Systems Division and the Maillis Group makes us a one-stop shop for complete systems and products.

Need a quote or more information? Contact us today.