E-Series Case Erector

Combi Case Erectors

Combi Case Erectors

The Combi E-series case erectors are the foundation of Combi case packing systems and the key to our packaging equipment versatility. The E-series case erectors are all essentially the same machine, but in different size frames. This modular approach allows us to integrate any size case erector with any case loader, be it an Ergopack, Drop Packer, Horizontal Loader, or Servo Pick and Place packers, creating custom case erectors.

E Series Case Erectors Features:

  • Right hand or Left Hand Execution
  • Patented Pusher Bar Case Feed
  • Quick Changeover Package with Numbered Scales and Crank Adjustments for easy reference
  • Heavy Duty Welded Framework with Lifetime Guarantee
  • Full Guarding with Safety Interlocks
  • Easy to Load, Walk-In Magazine
  • Self-Cleaning Vacuum System with Puff / Blow Sequence
  • Replaceable Filter to Protect Vacuum Pump
  • Soft Start Pneumatic System
  • Allen Bradley PLC Controls

Modular Units Integrated into Case Packers

Model Case Size Min Case Size Max Speed:
Up to cpm
Overall Footprint
E-2500 8½ x 4¾ x 4"
20 x 13½ x 19"
12 7'4" x 5'4"
E-3000 13 x 7¾ x 6"
24 x 16 x 24"
10 7'9" x 6'5"
E-3500 13 x 7¾ x 6"
24 x 20 x 24"
8 8'7" x 6'5"
E-4000 16 x 10¾ x 10"
30 x 20 x 32"
6 8'7" x 7'5"


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