FBL Flat Box Case Labelers

Combi Flat Box Labeling Station

Combi Flat Box Labeling Station

Save money and space by eliminating custom printed cases. Product can be packed into blank cases and labeled with variable information including barcodes on demand with a Combi Flat Box Labeling machine. No pre-printed labels to inventory; no pre-printed corrugate costs or inventory storage; and obsolescence and changeover costs are lowered as fewer label types and corrugate will be used. Combi can integrate print only or print and apply case labeling equipment into your packaging line.

Flat Box Labeling Equipment Features

  • High resolution thermal transfer on die cut labels
  • Heavy duty welded tubular steel framework
  • Heavy duty lug drive case indexing
  • No-tool changeover with simple scales and intuitive panel interface
  • Adjustable slide mount for labeler assembly
  • Positive case transport system with Allen Bradley AC variable speed inverter

See the process of printing and/or applying labels by viewing the videos below. Our flat box labeling equipment can save an abundance of space by providing labeled cases on demand as described above.

The machine’s flexibility and accuracy can eliminate previous issues you may have experienced when using custom printed cases.

Combi's flat box labelers are used by a wide range of industries. View a full list of our industries served.

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