Horizontal Loaders Videos

Horizontal loaders from Combi are versatile, and apply to a wide range of products and pack patterns on a single system. View configurations and capabilities below. 

2018 Horizontal Loading Capabilities Overview

3) E3500 HL Side Loading Cups Feeding into Random Sealer

CHL Floor Pads into FOL Cases Case Packer

CHL Progressive Upstacker Cereal Bars Side Load Case Packer

CHL Racetrack Coffee Pouches Side Load Case Packer

CHL Semi-Automatic Side Loading Floor Pads

CHL Side Loading Box Fans

CHL Sleeves of Lids with Dual Lane Infeed Horizontal Loader

CHL SPP Grease Tubes Side Loader

E2500 HL Rolls of Stretch Wrap Side Load Case Packer


E2500 HL Side Loading System for Grease Tubes with Caps

E3000 HL Cups 12 ppm Side Loading

E3000 HL Cups 35 ppm Side Load Case Packer

E4000 HL Side Loads Sleeves of Cups 26 ppm

HL 350SA Granola Bars

HL PP Side and Top Loading Disposable Cups

HL Semi-Automatic Cups in Cases with Bags Side Load Case Packer

HL350SA Rice Cakes in Display Case Semi-Automatic Side Load Case Packer

Horizontal Loader Capabilities

SPP HL Coffee Pouches Horizontal Loader Pick and Place Packer

SPP HL Racetrack Bagels