Innovative Packaging Solutions to Meet Your Indust


When you’re planning to purchase end-of-line packaging equipment for a new or existing production line, it’s important to select a manufacturer that understands the requirements of your industry and can create the right packaging solutions for your business.

At Combi Packaging Systems, we offer custom packing equipment for a wide range of industries, including automotive and hardware, beverage, chemical, contract packaging, food, food service disposables, personal care and household goods, and pharmaceutical and medical. Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked closely with our customers to solve many product packaging challenges, and our advanced equipment designs remain responsive to evolving industry standards.

Increasing Speed
Across virtually every industry, businesses and their customers want faster production and delivery. Increasing product packaging speed can play an important role in helping you meet – and even exceed – critical delivery deadlines and increased profits. Combi’s customized, automatic and semi-automatic case erectors, case sealers and case packers and loaders offer a wide range of adjustable speed capabilities for product collation and accumulation, including upstacking, downstacking and roll-on collation.

Switching lines from one product to another can really slow down your production.  To accelerate this process, Combi packaging equipment features modular packing heads for flexibility and quick changeovers.

 Minimizing Damage
Products that get damaged during the packaging process directly affect your bottom line. At Combi, we can engineer customized, affordable case packing machines for a basic line or your most demanding or delicate packaging application. That includes products that require special orientation or precise placement, such as flexible bags and pouches, bottles, cartons, gable top cartons and more. Our modular equipment is also designed to adjust to different container and case sizes quickly and easily.

Integrating New Equipment
If you need to extend an existing line, you may be concerned about how well the new equipment will work with the old. Custom Combi automatic and semi-automatic machines ensure affordable integration with your current packaging system.

In addition, we produce the industry-leading Ergopack® Hand Packing and Ergomatic Handpacking Systems, which seamlessly combine a case erector, hand-packing station and sealer into a compact and cost-efficient work cell. These ergonomically correct packaging systems also minimize repetitive-motion injuries while maximizing employee productivity.

Meeting Strict Standards
If you’re in the chemical, food or medical/pharmaceutical industries, it’s essential to keep your products – and the equipment that handles them – in compliance with strict guidelines and technical specifications. For highly regulated environments, we offer a frame option of U.S.-manufactured stainless steel with NEMA 4 compliant washdown components.

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