New Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer


For Immediate Release:  January 21, 2009

For more information contact:  Sue Lewis, Marketing Manager
(330) 456-9333, [email protected]

Combi expands its product offering with the new RS2000 fully automatic, random case sealer.  Built for speed and flexibility, the RS2000 is ideal for high volume lines with random case sizes in distribution or fulfillment centers or manufacturing sites where different lines converge for sealing.

"Combi is excited about entering the random case sealing market.  This gives Combi Packaging not only a new product line to offer, which is always exciting, but a new market to enter.  In the past, Distribution Centers were never a focus for us with case sealing, but now we can offer a great solution at a very cost effective price."  said Mark Freidly, National Sales Manager.  "Top and bottom random case sealing at high rates of speed will open new doors for us" he said.

Combi Packaging Systems LLC is a leading US manufacturer of end of line packaging equipment, including case erectors, case sealers, case packers, ergonomic hand packing stations and case labeling machines.  Combi Packaging Systems LLC was formed as a joint venture between 3M and The MJ Maillis Group in 1999 and we are celebrating our 30th anniversary serving the packaging industry.

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