Nutraceutical Packaging Equipment

With rising healthcare costs and consumers' growing interest in looking and feeling better while living longer, the nutraceutical market is being flooded with a broad range of new products. Manufacturers are finding that the vast array of nutraceutical packaging sizes, new healthy snack packaging, and the number of products being produced is resulting in more changeovers in production, creating a need for packaging equipment that is reliable, as well as easy to operate and maintain. There is also a growing need for healthy snack packaging.

Flexible  Combi Packaging Systems is a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery ideally suited for case packing vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal extracts, energy drinks and shots, sports snacks, probiotics and meal replacements. Combi engineers are experienced in providing solutions for a broad range of nutraceutical packaging applications – including single serve and blister packages, bottles, pouches, individually wrapped bars, chipboard cartons, and cans.

Modular  From a stand-alone case erector to integrating a total turnkey packaging line, Combi's engineers work closely with nutraceutical customers to design exactly want they need - no conforming to the limitations of a stock piece of equipment. Experts in automation controls and product orientation, Combi's modular machine design, toolless changeovers, and Ethernet connectivity contribute to increased production efficiencies and lower operating costs.

Fortified Foods
Sports / Energy
Vitamins &
Sports Snacks Fortified Juices Antioxidants
Probiotics Glucose Powders Herbal Extracts

Combi nutraceutical packaging equipment features:

  • Affordable, customized design
  • Automatic or semi-automatic case loaders & packers
  • Product collation and accumulation, including up stacking, down stacking and roll-on collation
  • Modular packing heads for flexibility and quick changeovers
  • Skillful handling of virtually any container shape or size
  • Standard STEEL-IT frame finish with optional U.S.-manufactured stainless steel with
    NEMA 4 compliant washdown components

For easy integration into your manufacturing line, Combi offers dependable, customized automatic and semi-automatic packaging machinery, including case erectors, case sealers, case packers and the packing industry-leading Ergopack® Hand Packing System.

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Combi has worked with a multitude of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies across North America.

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To gain a deeper understanding of how Combi's packaging machinery can benefit your nutraceutical production, preview a selection of pharmaceutical packaging and medical packaging equipment videos below. These videos showcase Combi Packaging Systems at work.