Nutraceutical Packaging Equipment

Congratulations in being a key player in the nutraceutical industry - an industry that PMMI economists expects to grow from $345 billion in 2011 to approx $450 billion by 2015.  That type of growth is unprecedented, and naturally brings some challenges to your business.nutraceuticals

If you find your end of line packaging line can't keep up with production, or you wish you could find a flexible case packer than can handle a variety of your products, Combi Packaging can help.  For 34 years we've built robust, dependable packaging equipment and coordinated line integration for thousands of customers, including many in the pharmaceutical, medical and nutraceutical industries.

Combi's staff of engineers provide affordable, creative out-of-the-box solutions that can grow along with your needs.  Our equipment is easy to maintain and easy to operate with intuitive user interfaces to help keep your production volume high.

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 Drop Packers Plastic and Glass Bottles, Cans, Canisters, Pails with
Bails, Jugs, F-Style Gallons, Pump Bottles, Flip Cap
and Twist Top Bottles, Trigger Handles, Flexible Bags

DP - Drop Packer with integrated case erector only 10' long.  top loading case packer featuring hd tubular steel construction and fast changeovers with modular slide-in packing heads and quick-clamp product lane guides.

DPI - Stand alone drop packer with independent case and product infeed.

  Pick and Place Packers Chipboard Cartons, Pill Bottles, Overwrapped Containers, Clamshell, Hang Tab Pouches, Gussetted Bottom Bags, Plastic Containers with Snap-On Lids
Alphapack Pick and Place Packer

Alphapack - Our ultra-compact system for top-loading products.  Features integrated case erector and offers gentle product handling with vacuum or mechanical product pick up.

SPP - Stand alone servo pick and place packer can pack products in flexible bags to chipboard cartons to rigid containers or any product that requires special handling or orientation.

  Horizontal Loaders Rolled Products, Sleeves of Cups, Plates, Napkins,
Paper Products, Chipboard Cartons, Caulking Tubes,
Pouches and Bags

CHL Horizontal Loader

CHL/HL - Combi's horizontal loaders are available in several configurations for packing products that load more effectively in the horizontal position, including nested products, cylindrical items, multi-packs and cartons

HL 350SA - Erected cases are fed into this compact machine and automatically loaded into RSC cases.  This machine requires minimal operator intervention and offers fast changeovers and minimal downtime between product runs.