Packaging Equipment Case Study: Pack CD and DVD Media



CD/DVD Media in 10 and 20 packs, regular and slimline cases

Case Size:

5.5 x 4.5 x 5.5"

The Challenge:

Find a way to load CD media in a more cost-effective manner while addressing the client's space constraints on the plant floor, higher throughput demands and quick delivery terms.  The client's existing method includes 4 operators on the line, hand packing the product into self-opening crash bottom cases.

The CD/DVD Packaging Solution:

  • Automating the case packing process allowed the company to switch to standard CSSC style cases with tape sealing, which yielded a 24% savings in packaging materials alone.
  • By installing the new CD/DVD packaging equipment, consistent throughput was maintained at 75 CD's per minute, with a minimal increase in floor space.
  • The total system as delivered by Combi included the HL Horizontal Loader System with an integrated case erector, product conveyor, case conveyor and TBS-100FC case sealer.
  • The CD/DVD packaging equipment also featured a product pass-through conveyor for hand packing short run promotional display cases on the same line.

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