Packaging Equipment Case Study: Pack Three Different Sizes of Bagged Potting Soil

Pick and Place Packing Bags of Soil


Potting Soil in 4 qt, 8 qt and 10 qt plastic bags

Case Sizes:

16x20x12", 16x12x15", 20x16x12"

The Challenge:

Save the backs and burden on four operators per line that are manually erecting cases, sealing cases, and flattening and packing heavy bags of potting soil through the use of soil packaging equipment.

The Solution:

  • Install an integrated packaging system including the SPP Servo Pick and Place Packer, a bag flattener and a TBS-100FC case sealer.
  • Automate the case erecting and sealing process while flattening and conveying the bags for packing to maximize labor resources and increase product throughput.
  • The Servo Pick and Place Packing system places multiple layers of product into an awaiting case, minimizing ergonomic concerns.
  • Client is able to bulk palletize some orders as needed by their customer.
  • The soil packaging equipment accepts bags from the customer's automatic vertical bagger, transfers the bags, orients them, flattens the bags and then conveys them to a Combi SPP Servo Place Packer system.

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