Packaging Industry Trends


What are consumers looking for in the packaging of their product?

The minimalist trend is big right now because it has a pure and authentic look to it that allows you to focus on the product itself. 87% of consumers, according to Packaging Digest, also consider themselves to be “somewhat serious” about global climate change which supports the sustainable and earth-friendly packaging trend.

Simplifying the packaging process is beneficial to both the company and the store selling products when the packaging can be used to display the item in store. This saves money and time for both sides. Along with this, consumers are looking for lightweight packaging for convenience.

What do these trends mean for packaging machines? Combi has followed these trends closely and is constantly working on improvements of their packaging machines to fit these trends. We teamed up with Motion Controls Robotics Inc. (MCRI) for robotic packaging to make production of the product run easier. Different industries have different needs when packaging their product. Figure out what machine is perfect for your industry or specific market.

As trends continue to change, Combi will be right there with them coming out with new and improved custom end-of-the-line packaging to be able to package your product efficiently and affordably!

Contact us to see why Combi is the perfect fit to help keep your end of line packaging process up to date with the current industry trends.