Packaging Equipment Case Study: Sealing Cases of Bulk Spices and Flavorings


Bulk Spices and Food Flavorings

Case Size:

10 sizes ranging from 7.25x10.25x13.5 to 10.5x12.5x20"

The Challenge:

Solve the client's need for spice packaging equipment that can double as an in-line bag flattener and accommodate a steep incline of more than 14 inches.  And, the cases weigh nearly 50 pounds.

The Spice Packaging Solution:

  • Engineer a custom spice packaging equipment
  • Customize the Combi TBS-100FC frame design to meet the change in line elevation
  • Accommodate a heavy case up the incline.
  • Spice packaging machines, include heavy-duty sub frame, foot bolts and casters effectively support the weight of the case and maintain a speed of 15 cases per minute.
  • An automatic powered belt in feed allows the case to enter the side belts squarely while holding the next case back until the previous case clears the flap folder.

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