Custom Product Orientation

Combi Packaging Systems LLC specializes in custom product packaging that requires special orientation or precise placement, including flexible bags and pouches, bottles, cartons, blister packs and gable top cartons.  And, for greater flexibility, our modular packing heads make it possible to pack different products using the same machine.

Custom Product Packaging Equipment Options

  • Product Converging
  • Product Shelves
  • Product Collating
  • Zone/Zero Pressure Conveyors

Various Methods to Handle Products

  • Product Reject System
  • Product Containment
  • Recirculating Conveyors
  • Product Shoot; Product Sleeve
  • Mechanical Grippers; Vacuum Cups; Race Track

For easy integration into your manufacturing line, Combi offers automatic and semi-automatic custom product packaging including case erectors, tray erectors, case sealers, case labelers, case packers and the industry leading Ergopack® Hand Packing Station.

For help with custom product packaging, fill out this form or call us at 1.800.521.9072.