Robot Automates Hand Packing Line


Are there times when hand-packing your product is impractical or unavailable? If so, it might be time to upgrade your existing Ergopack with a robotic arm to help automate the process.

With Ergopack, productivity can be increased up to 30% over manual hand-packing. Protecting your workers from the risk of physical injury when performing repetitive tasks and lifting large, heavy items is another added benefit of Ergopack. In the event your products become difficult for employees to handle because of shape, weight, etc. using robotic arm to case pack keeps your workers safe. On a bigger scale, your company will benefit from leaner operating efficiency. The machine can easily verify lots of serialization numbers, varying pack counts, and helps with creating retail ready packages. These small changes can lead to big results for your company. Plus if you manufacture in the state of Ohio, did you know that the office of Workers' Compensation offers Safety Grants up to $40,000? This helps companies purchase equipment that substantially reduces or eliminates injuries and illnesses associated with a particular task or operations, like our Ergopack.

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