Robotic Packaging

For customized end of line packaging systems, Combi offers robotic packers and packing stations. Take a look at robotic packers below. 

2 EZ HS Ergobot Robotically Case Packs Bags of Candy

2018 End of Line Robot Capabilities

Case Form, Pack, Edge Seal and Palletize Mattresses

Case Form, Pack, Seal and Palletize with Combi ErgoPakPal robot

E2500 Ergobot

Ergopack Robotic Case Packing Medical Supplies

Ergopack with Robot and Pamphlet Inserter Packaging Machine

Ergopack with Robotic Pick and Place Case Packing

RCE Robotic Case Erecting of 6 Cases

RCE Robotic Case Erector with 6 Gravity Magazines for Large Cases

RCE Yaskawa Robot Erects 5 Large Case Sizes

Robot Capabilities Overview

Robotic Case Divider Inserter

Robotic Case Packing and Palletizing

Robotic Case Packing and Palletizing Dual Lines

Robotic Case Packing Bottles with Inserts and Pamphlets

Robotic Case Packing Frozen Meat Products

Robotic Case Packing of Flexible Bags

Robotic Forming of Bottle Ready Cases

Robotic Palletizing Dual Lanes