HL Automatic Side Load Case Packing

HL Horizontal Loader

HL Horizontal Loader

The Combi HL is a fully automatic side load case packing system. Integrated with our E-series case erectors, the HL is an excellent system for a diverse range of products, accommodating a wide range of case sizes and pack patterns on the same machine. The HL features simple modular design and few change parts, assuring fast changeovers and minimal downtime.

  • Features

Standard Features

  • Heavy Duty Side Load Case Packing Construction
    • All welded tubular steel framework with lifetime warranty
    • Rugged oversized components
    • All stainless steel case and product contact parts
  • Compact footprint
    • Integrated case erector
    • Simple product grouping and packing
  • Versatile
    • Many pack patterns and product sizes on same machine
    • Integrates directly with E-Series Case Erectors
    • Many collation methods for product grouping and orientation
  • Efficient
    • Open design allows for easy access for changeovers and planned maintenance
    • Quick changeovers with crank adjustments and few change parts
    • No-Tool crank adjustments for non-change part components

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