Tray Erectors Videos

For perfect formed packaging trays, Combi offers several automatic forming solutions for side slotted, end slotted and design style trays. Take a look at our capabilities below.

2018 Tray Forming Capabilities Overview

BCF Six Pack Carrier Carton Former

HTF 4 Corner Post with Lid Tray Erector

HTF Adjustable Two Stage Tray Forming

HTF and Special Hinge Top Tray Closer

HTF Octagonal Tray with Glued Tabs

HTF Pizza Style Tray at 30 tpm Tray Erector

HTF Single Stage 25 tpm

HTF Single Stage Fold Over Flaps

HTF Tray Former for RSC Top Flaps with Auto Changeover

HTF Two Stage Forming

HTF XL Tray Former with Adjustable Forming Mandrel 3 Sizes

TF2 Tray Forming at 8.5 tpm