Value priced Expresspack Hand Packing Station


Canton, OH December 15, 2005 – Combi Packaging Systems and 3M join forces to provide a value-priced hand packing station solution for companies that require more throughput than manual case erecting, packing and sealing can provide. This integrated system provides optimum operator comfort by reducing lifting, reaching, stretching, bending and twisting in the packaging operation.

Efficient and durable, the Expresspack combines a Combi CE-10 Case Erector, a custom Hand Pack Station and a 3M-Matic 120af Case Sealer into a cost effective work cell. The modular design of this system allows the end user to use the erector or sealer as a stone-alone unit by releasing Q.D. fittings.

Combi Packaging Systems LLC is a leading manufacturer of case erecting, loading and sealing systems. With nearly 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, Combi offers a wide range of equipment from ergonomic hand packing systems to turnkey integration for total packaging automation. Combi Packaging Systems LLC, is a joint venture with 3M and the M.J. Maillis Group.

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