Equipo de empaque para cajas de huevos


Packages egg boxes

  • Four standard sizes of boxes.
  • In boxes of 5, 15, 24 & 30 dozen
  • They vary in size from 12x12x5 "to 24x12x14" 

The challenge:

New equipment for grading eggs produce eggs at much faster speeds, creating the need for a packaging equipment egg cartons high speed.

Solution for packing boxes of eggs :

  • The top and bottom sealer boxes TBS-100FC XL  with belt and head of high-speed tape 20 boxes per minute.
  • The equipment packing egg cartons was amended by 4 sizes of boxes, feeding boxes randomly in the sealing machine, with automatic sensor to detect the height and length of the box.
  • The metering gateway accepts boxes boxes sealing machine that feeds putting them back in the back part and feeding them one at a time in the case sealer.
  • The photosensors detect the height of the house and Allen Bradley PLC system with height adjustment driven by servo set the head height of the tape. Automatic sensors length of the box (flaps for the kicker) is also included. All boxes are 12 inches wide.
  • The drives of the side straps by dual springs transferred boxes on tape head providing square boxes at all times. Spring belts allow small variations in the width of the box.
  • Packaging equipment fully protected with hinged doors including electrical interlock devices that disconnect power and air to the operator safety.
  • Feed conveyor boxes for live rollers 65 fpm.