Equipo de Envasado de Alimentos para Mascotas

No matter how bad the economy going but consumers are still willing to spend on their pets. Today people are buying and testing new products nutritional food for their pets in places known as "boutique", even paying high prices for them. The pet food industry is facilitating the mobility and comfort of the products by placing the bags handles, producing small bags, making individual servings and looking for the easiest way to display products.

The pet food packaging generally follows many of the same trends and styles of packaging used for human consumption, which makes Combi has an ideal equipment for pet food packaging solution. Combi is a major supplier of food industry and the pet food industry with years of experience providing packaging equipment End of line for a variety of packaging styles.

Design and Implementation

Parts E standarizadas: The Combi packaging equipment are built with the strongest frame in the industry (lifetime warranty) and solid components of good brand. The parts are non-proprietary, which means that its supply can be handled locally at a reasonable price and with minimal downtime.

Innovative Solutions: With its modular design, boxes assemblers Combi can be easily integrated with the packing Combi, providing flexibility as needs increase production. Packaging multiple products on a single machine using modular packing heads that are easily interchangeable with the help of a portable cart that helps move the heads and change recipes in the HMI programs. And, for a fraction of the cost of a new machine, the Combi service department can update many functions in their older equipment that will improve the productivity of their machines. Health Features Among the features offered by health Combi is a team with sanitary washing built in stainless steel in the United States, in addition your choice of NEMA rated for its electrical components. Our designs are simple and openly eliminating potential areas of refuge where the undesirable microorganisms can meet.

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